Satoshi Nakamoto CEO

Satoshi Nakamoto created BTC in year 2008. This April he is celebrating his birthday. To mark the occasion, we are launching “Satoshi Nakamoto CEO” meme token, which is the BSC ecosystem. We will do our best with the support of the community and the push by many influencers who use Satoshi Nakamoto’s name and certainly that the “Satoshi Nakamoto CEO” meme will be famous around the world and has the same chance of succeeding as Shiba, Doge and more.


Total supply is 1,000,000,000,000.

There is a 10% tax collected from every buy and sell, and the majority of that is added to the liquidity or distributed to holders as rewards. Active liquidity will help the price continuously.

4% Marketing and Development

4% BTC Rewards to Holders

2% Auto Liquidity


Phase 1

Full Project Intro

Website Launch

First Audit

Pinksale Presale

Marketing Campaigns

Launch on PancakeSwap

CoinGecko Listing

2,000 Telegram Members

Phase 2

CoinMarketCap Listing

2,000 Token Holders

Second Audit

10,000 Telegram Members

5,000 Token Holders

Marketing Campaigns

Listing on Digifinex

Phase 3

10,000 Token Holders

Baby Elon CEO Burn Event

More CEX Listings

15,000+ Telegram Members

20,000+ Token Holders

Satoshi Nakamoto CEO NFTsRelease

Featuring in Bitcoin Events

And more*

*Exciting updates will be made available as the project develops. As a result, the roadmap is not exhaustive; additional improvements will be made over time.