Satoshi Nakamoto CEO

Satoshi Nakamoto created BTC in year 2008. He is the real CEO of cryptocurrency. This April he is celebrating his birthday. To mark the occasion, we are launching “Satoshi Nakamoto CEO” meme token, which is in the BSC ecosystem. We will do our best with the support of the community and the push by many influencers that certainly the “Satoshi Nakamoto CEO” meme will be famous around the world and has the same chance of succeeding as Shiba, Doge, Floki and more.

silver and gold round coins
silver and gold round coins
A personal gift from the Satoshi Nakamoto to his community. 4% of every transaction is redistributed to the holders in the form of BTC.
We will use this fund actively to bring in a squad of influencers to support, make headlines on twitter, doing frequent AMAs at call groups and to list on CMC, CoinGecko and exchanges.
In every transaction (buy and sell) 2% of those tokens will be added to the liquidity so that the price is not affected by sells.
4% - BTC Rewards
4% - Marketing
2% - Auto Liquidity
Phase 2

CoinMarketCap Listing

2,000 Token Holders

Second Audit

10,000 Telegram Members

5,000 Token Holders

Marketing Campaigns

Listing on Digifinex

Phase 3

10,000 Token Holders

Satoshi Nakamoto CEO Burn Event

More CEX Listings

15,000+ Telegram Members

20,000+ Token Holders

Satoshi Nakamoto CEO NFTs Release

Featuring in Bitcoin Events

And more*

Phase 1

Full Project Intro

Website Launch

First Audit

Pinksale Presale

Marketing Campaigns

Launch on PancakeSwap

CoinGecko Listing

2,000 Telegram Members

We hold our sincere gratitude to Binance as on its blockchain the contract is created.
Realtime price charts and trading history.
The gateway to DEFI, real-time charts, history and all token info from blockchain.
The 1st exchange where SatoshiNakamotoCEO token will be listed for trading.
#1 Trusted launchpad for Presale and launch of the Token.
How to buy
Step 4


Set Slippage to 12% in the Options Menu. Now you can Swap BNB for SATOSHINAKAMOTOCEO. Once you’ve completed your swap your Tokens will be shown in your Wallet.

Step 3

Visit Pancakeswap

Connect your wallet to Pancakeswap ( on your phone or Desktop (Same-Device-as-a-Wallet). On the web browser Go To and Click "Connect Wallet.

Step 1

Install MetaMask

Install MetaMask on your Phone or Desktop and follow instructions carefully to create your Binance Smart Chain Wallet. Refer below link for detailed instructions:

Step 2

Deposit BNB to MetaMask

After successfully creating your wallet, purchase BNB by highlighting BNB and pressing the “BUY” button. Purchase desired amount of BNB via Credit Card or Bank Account. You can also send BNB to your wallet from any Centralized Exchange.

I am now prepared to assist Satoshi Nakamoto CEO as a Community Manager who has experience working with other 10-100x companies with market capitalization in the millions. Let's make history together!

Kevin Lee - Communications


I'm thrilled to be working with this team and showcasing the token's true potential. Additionally, I'm excited to host plenty of partners for AMA sessions and earn money for the coin.

Tina Cooper - Marketing

As a seasoned marketing professional with a passion for the rapidly evolving world of cyrptocurrencies, I have gained valuable experience in crypto marketing through my work with various blockchain projects and crypto companies.

James Brown - Marketing

I created this token because to my early 2018 experience in the cryptocurrency industry, when I set up numerous profitable tokens with the help of a fantastic team and close friends from the field.

SatoshiNakamotoCEO - Founder/Dev

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Tokens are high-risk assets and you should never use funds that you cannot afford to lose to purchase tokens. It is the user(s) responsibility to do their own research and seek financial advice from a professional. Please also note that this Disclaimer is not exhaustive. You should carry out further research to carefully determine whether purchasing and/or trading tokens is suitable for your particular financial situation and risk tolerance. The team names used in the website are pseudonyms to maintain the privacy and has been added for communication purposes only.